Why Train With Master Roberto Maguilla Marques?

Professor MaguillaIf you are looking for an experienced and qualified instructor, you can’t go wrong with Master Roberto “Maguilla”.  Personally endorsed by Grandmaster Carlson Gracie Sr., and the highest ranking BJJ instructor in the MD / DC / VA / Baltimore metro area, Master Maguilla has made it his life’s mission to transmit the highest in BJJ instruction and impart training ethics of champions.

Master Roberto “Maguilla” says that:

“There are hundreds of BJJ black belts but  few possess the ability to pass on the truest essence of what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is about.  It’s not just about teaching people how to fight, it’s ultimately about how to teach people to use what they learn through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and apply it to other aspects of their lives.

I want all of my students to have greater  all-around mental preparedness, motivation, confidence , discipline, self-respect, team ethics and so forth.  This is how we train at my academy.  What ever your motivation of training is, my goal is to help you maximize your potential.”

Master Roberto “Maguilla “ also emphasizes that “We have 3 different groups of students, some will train for competition,  I will support them 100%, some will train for physical achievement, I will support them 100%, and some because they want to really learn how to protect themselves, I will support them 100%.  Every student is treated with the same level of respect from lowest to the highest belt, I believe in UNITY, everyone is  welcome, if a person is not relaxed he will not learn. ”

Master Maguilla’s philosophy is truly one of a kind and addresses the needs of EVERY type of student, from the beginner to the next Ultimate Fighting Champion.

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