Adult Program

Adult BJJ ProgramOur Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial arts school emphasizes self-defense and physical fitness. Regular attendance of our special adult programs will result in stress reduction, self-discipline, weight control, self-defense, better concentration, inner peace, physical conditioning, more energy and improved health.

If you are looking for a more challengeable approach, join our MBJJ Competition Team. We have created Champions in Pan Am, Brazil, Vale Tudo, and Submission Fighting Tournaments. All classes are taught by a top notch instructors — Maguilla is one of the highest ranking black belts in BJJ on the east coast and the only 5th degree black belt in the DC area.

We offer boxing and kick boxing programs mixed with Vale Tudo (no holds barred Brazilian street combat). Our self defense program is developed to teach street survival in real life situations.

Learn the same techniques taught to Law Enforcement Officials.

Adult Kick BoxingMaster Maguilla’s Specialized Defensive Tactics In Service Program (available to law enforcement officials only) has been approved since Jan 2002 from the Maryland Police And Correctional Training Commissions.

Maguilla trained SWAT Teams, Narcotics Detectives, Military Patrol Officers, Federal Agents, K-9 units, Brazilian Special Police Members, Airline Pilot Captains, special military units, and more.

Law enforcement agencies come to Maguilla to learn what to do in real life-threatening situations. If you already know how to defend yourself, put your knowledge to the test. Visit Maguilla’s Academy for a free evaluation to see how effective your techniques really are.