MMA Tuesdays

“At first I was hesitant to get involved in what I thought was such a “macho” sport, but I’m glad I didn’t let that stop me. Maguilla always makes his female students feel comfortable and confident. Now I’m in great physical shape and I know that I could defend myself in a threatening situation .”
- Keli Kesler

“Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu changed my life helping me to learn patience, discipline, and persistence. Maguilla is a top notch instructor he makes the training experience fun and enjoyable.”
- Seif Hammack

“Maguilla has opened up a whole new world of fighting for me in that he teaches the physics of the human body in detail and how it may be most effectively manipulated to defeat one’s opponent. Few of the many teachers I have trained with have even the most basic concept of this. Maguilla lives and breathes it.”
- Randy Morser, US-Marine

“Maguilla’s training has helped me get back in shape, lose weight, and build my self-confidence. I apply the discipline from class to my personal and professional life. I know I can defend my self if I am put in a dangerous situation.”
- Chris Stoner, Business Executive

“When my friend asked if I was interested in doing a Martial Arts class, I said sure why not, fully expecting the same old song like Tae Kwon Do. I was totally surprised to find out that Maguilla’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class is so much more. There aren’t a lot of things these days that get my blood pumping like training with Maguilla. I lost 40 pounds since I started classes.”
- Robert Wagner